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GIFT of 45 Days of FREE Scalar Light Sessions For Attendees!




Don’t miss the opportunity to empower yourself with Divine Energy from the sun and the stars

Nikola Tesla spoke about an intelligent energy from the sun and the stars capable of harmonizing the subtle bodies of human beings and improving their health, that is called SCALAR ENERGY.

At the conference, Tom Paladino will explain all about Scalar Energy; where comes from and how to get access to this light and receive the benefits of its powerful nature.

Millions of people have been treated with this energy around the world assuring the benefits for their health, specially by improving the immune system, eradicating lifelong virus or disease and balancing chakras and hormones without medication or pain.

All attendees to the conference will be able to prove the effectiveness of this powerful energy by themselves and will get a gift of 45 days of SCALAR LIGHT SESSIONS to experience this new way of quantum healing.

Energetic Wellness

Addressing your health from an “energetic” perspective will bring the type of results you have been seeking and is easy, fast and safe for everyone.

Rebalance Energies

Scalar Light can assist in clearing + rebalancing your negative energies so you can experience a more optimal state of behavioral and physical wellness.

Enhanced Nutritional Status

Scalar Light has the ability to enhance nutritional status at the cellular level and even protect us from toxins and pathogens so your body can begin to heal.

Balance Your Bio Energies

Environmental chemicals, poor food choices, lack of sleep and even EMF radiation can throw off the delicate balance of your energy field.

Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino

CEO | Scalar Light Researcher | Public Speaker


Tom Paladino is a Scalar Light researcher dedicated to improving the scalar light, quantum health of people, animals and plants. Scalar light instruments administer scalar light to photographs of people, animals and plants thereby improving the quantum health of all life forms. Please register your family members and pets for 30 days of FREE scalar light sessions in order to experience the healing benefits of the divine light. All scalar light sessions are administered to photographs of people, animals, plants and objects by way of the divine energy, scalar light.

Join Thousands Who Have Received Relief From…

Skin Treatments

  • Fungal infection
  • Herpes
  • Skin problems

Chronic Conditions

  • Digestion problems
  • Sleep disorder
  • Chronic fatigue

Autoimmune Issues

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Epstein-Barr virus

Brain Health

  • Headaches
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Hi Tom and Team,
2 weeks have passed, and what I’ve noticed is being very active and having sparkling energy. Also (even if this might not be part of your programme) my flow of breath is better, since my Asthma is often bothering me during exercise. Easily accepting to take an apple instead of chocolate, in between meals. Wonderful! Thank you so much for joining your programme!! 


I feel positive with enough endurance. Before SCALAR started, I felt more heavy energy and it was not a good energy. I’m always thankful for the help and health the scalar team gives to me. 


I have had more overall energy since day 1. I am on a 15-day trial, now halfway through, I can smell the toxins leaving my body. That is new to me. I can’t attribute this to anything but the scalar light. I have less overall pain, though I am in physical therapy in the pool and at home. Thank you so much! Happy.


All Scalar Light sessions are exclusively administered upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

All scalar light sessions are conducted exclusively in a scalar light
dimension, hence, all scalar light action, influence, treatments,
observations, statements, interpretations, projections, claims, conclusions,
testimonies, diagnostic test results, etc. reflect the scalar light
dimension which is distinct from the electromagnetic dimension.

All COMPLIMENTARY TRIALS are offered ONE time per person / per email address. Duplicate registrations may be deleted. If you feel you are declined in error, please contact support.


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